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When You're Smiling (1973)

Rod Taylor appears in a movie clip presented on this one-hour musical variety show starring Ann-Margret.

The NBC presentation on April 4, 1974, was an edited version of Ann-Margret's Las Vegas stage act and drew more than 51 million viewers.

 During a costume change, Ann-Margret showed a film clip of highlights and behind-the-scenes footage of "The Train Robbers," which she had just finished shooting in Durango, Mexico.

At the end of the film clip is a sequence of Ann-Margret and Rod Taylor doing some target shooting. She tosses up a tin can, he aims his rifle at it, fires and shoots the can right through the middle. Then, it's her turn. Rod tosses up the can, she aims ... mis-aims ... shoots, and Rod's hat flies off.

It's all a gag, very much silent-movie style. Ann-Margret and Rod look like they're having a blast.






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