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All About The Birds (1999)

Rod Taylor appears in this documentary that's included in the Collector's Edition DVD version of "The Birds." Many of the movie's key scenes are analyzed by the people involved -- actors, technicians, writer -- explaining in detail why Hitchcock did things the way he did and how the special effects worked.

A jovial Rod offers some amusing anecdotes. He tells how he got off to a bad start with Hitchcock by calling the director "Alfred." He spins tales about carousing with the "bird wranglers" and how a crow named Archie never failed to take a peck at him. Rod says that's true terror on his face in the publicity shot with his nemesis.

"All About The Birds" also details the omitted scene between Mitch and Melanie, and describes the scripted and storyboarded final scene of the foursome's drive through town and final encounter with the birds -- in a convertible.

AFI Life Achievement Awards: 
Alfred Hitchcock (1979)

Rod Taylor appears ever so briefly in this show, standing up from his dinner table to introduce another actor featured in a Hitchcock film. 

The hour-long tape simply chronicles the evening Alfred Hitchcock was honored with the Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. It includes warm greetings from the stars as well as clips from 18 movies, including "The Birds."

Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock (1983)

Rod Taylor hosted a weeklong film festival of six Alfred Hitchcock movies on KCOP-Channel 13 in Los Angeles.

During the week of March 21, 1983, Rod introduced the movies and interviews with Hitchcock's daughter, Pat; stars Bob Cummings, Tippi Hedren and Rhonda Fleming; and writer Ray Bradbury. 

During one segment Bradbury related that Hitchcock had asked him to work on the screenplay for "The Birds," but Bradbury told Hitch that he was already working on a script -- for Hitchcock's TV series.

During another segment, Rod himself tells a tale that occurred during the making of "The Birds." He had pointed out to a cameraman that the light in the refrigerator wasn't coming on when he opened the door (in the kitchen scene with Rod and Jessica Tandy). Hitchcock overheard Rod's comment and said (in Rod's best Hitch imitation): "We shall now take a two-hour lunch while Mr. Taylor, our technical adviser, shows us how to make a movie."





"The Birds"

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