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Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood

By Stephen Vagg, 2010

Australian screenwriter and playwright Stephen Vagg  has produced a treasured biography of Rod Taylor.

I'm impressed by Stephen's research and so very thankful he stuck to this project, which he began so many years ago. He is fair in his evaluation of Rod's career. He doesn't shy away from the trouble spots in Rod's life, but he lands very much  on the positive side.

Stephen started working on the book as student project -- it was to have been his dissertation. Over the years, it grew into something greater. After painstaking research, countless interviews and infinite patience, it was released in 2010.

Here is some information from the bookseller's site:

Before Sam Worthington and Hugh Jackman, before Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson... there was Rod Taylor.

For over 20 years Rod Taylor was the biggest Australian movie name in Hollywood. ... At a time when Australians could rarely see or hear themselves on screen, Rod Taylor helped keep his country in the public eye, and paved the way for the Aussie actors who followed him.

"Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood" is the first full-length biography of this pioneering Australian film star. It's the thrilling story of a working-class Sydney boy who went to Hollywood, took on the Americans at their own game on their own turf in one of the toughest industries there is - and won.



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