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"The Argonauts"
Episode 1.3 (Nov. 1, 1955)

Rod Taylor appeared in an early episode of this hour-long Western anthology series, which originally was one of three rotating series in ABC's "Warner Brothers Presents."

Clint Walker starred as Cheyenne Bodie, a former frontier scout who drifted through the Old West, traveling from one adventure to another.

In this episode, Cheyenne encounters Clancy (Rod Taylor) and Duncan (Edward Andrews), two men who have set out to prospect for gold. Cheyenne is wary because, as he says, "gold can do funny things to a man." However, the three proceed together, find gold and strike it rich.

Cheyenne's was right about the gold, though, as their growing sacks of gold dust breed suspicion and ill will. Duncan and Clancy get greedy, edgy and paranoid. However, Clancy overcomes these emotions, some Indians and a gunshot wound, too.

The episode is loosely the same plot as the classic movie "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," with Humphrey Bogart and John Huston.







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