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Do Not Disturb (1965)

Rod Taylor plays Mike Harper in this Doris Day romantic comedy. In Rod's words:

We play a happily married couple who fight like mad but make up like crazy. ... The studio seems to think we have a sort of -- chemistry? Anyway, they've thought enough of us to team us in another picture ... called "The Glass Bottom Boat."

-- Modern Screen, July 1965

Doris Day plays Janet Harper, in this, her 33rd motion picture. At the time this movie was made, Doris Day had been among the top 10 box office stars for eight straight years, sitting atop the entertainment world as an actress and recording artist.

For Rod, it was a departure from the adventurous roles the public had been accustomed to seeing him in. "Making a sophisticated comedy like 'Do Not Disturb' is 10 times as tough as a rugged, dramatic role," Rod says in the movie's pressbook. "Dramatic action usually seems to flow naturally and smoothly. With comedy, the actor has to work so much harder to make his performance seem natural." 

Director Ralph Levy seemed to feel that the pairing of Doris Day and Rod Taylor was a natural: "There is a marvelous chemistry between Doris and Rod. They work together so beautifully. There is no ego involved when they're filming a scene. Their only interest is making the scene play to maximum benefit."


Mike and Janet Harper try to adjust to life in England after Mike is transferred by his company. He wants a simple apartment near the office, but Janet rents an immense country estate. Mike must spend many late nights working, and work often involves entertaining clients -- no spouses allowed.

Meanwhile, there are many silly scenes of Janet trying to adjust to the local ways (driving on the left, figuring out ha'pennies and shillings, and getting mixed up in a fox hunt).

Comedy and confusion ensue as Janet embarks on a shopping excursion with an amorous antiques dealer (Sergio Fantoni). They wind up at his shop in Paris. Alas, they're accidentally locked up in the shop overnight. Mike arrives to find the pair waking up together (innocently enough -- but it looks mighty bad to Mike).

Actually, Janet really had been trying to make Mike jealous because she's suspicious of his new "personal assistant." Looks like her ploy worked -- too well.

More mix-ups are in store when Janet drops by the ritzy hotel where Mike is taking part in an international wool merchants convention. Posing as his "secretary" (wives are frowned upon), Janet is transformed in to the sexy, sparkly life of the party.

The film winds up with lots of scampering around between hotel rooms until the loving Harper couple wind up with each other at last. 



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