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Gli Eroi / The Heroes (1973)

Rod Taylor plays Bob Robson in this action/comedy that's known throughout the world as "The Heroes," "Los Heros Millonarios," "Die Helden von Afrika," Les Enfants De Choeur," "Les Heros" and "Heroji."

It is most commonly called by its Italian name, "Gli Eroi," and it fits into a sub-genre known as Macaroni Combat (the war movie equivalent to Spaghetti Western).

A multinational cast comprises the motley crew of "heroes" chasing each other -- and 2 million in British currency -- across Northern Africa during World War II. In addition to the hybrid cast, the movie is also a mix of guns-and-mortars wartime action and screwball comedy.

In addition to Taylor, who plays a hard-luck gambler-turned-Army lieutenant, the cast includes Rod Steiger (as a German officer), Claude Brasseur (as Taylor's French -- or is it Italian? -- sidekick/nemesis), Terry-Thomas (as a British intelligence officer) and Rosanna Schiaffino (as a Greek prostitute/Red Cross nurse).

After introductory pre-war vignettes of each of the principal cast members, the caper begins in earnest when an allied convoy falls into a German ambush. A loud, violent battle ensues, and the detachment is decimated.

Among the few survivors is Lt. Robson, who finds himself in the uncharacteristic position of being a hero and being in charge. He also discovers a fortune in British currency stashed in an ambulance -- money that's intended to finance an Arab uprising.

But before Robson and company can get away with the spoils, they are made prisoners by the surviving Nazis. Their odyssey continues deep into the desert, with the British intelligence officer in pursuit -- of the money.

The film is an off-kilter tale of adventure and attrition as Nazis and Allies alternately square off and team up to try to make off with the fortune. And amid explosions, gunfire and sandstorms, Taylor and Brasseur repeatedly provide comic relief.

Stephen Vagg, in his book "Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood," said that Yul Brynner originally was supposed to star, but when he pulled out, Rod Steiger took over the role. Rod Taylor then took on the part meant for Steiger.

Filming took place primarily near Cairo, with some scenes done in Spain. The movie was released in Italy in 1973 and London in 1974, but does not appear to have had a theatrical release in the United States.

It certainly hasn't had a home video release in the U.S., and it seems that the only copy of the movie in circulation is one with Danish subtitles. This is the copy I've had in my collection for several years and have uploaded here:



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