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Gottschalk Late Night

Dec. 3, 1994

Rod Taylor made an appearance on this German talk show hosted by popular TV personality Thomas Gottschalk.

Gottschalk hosted "Gottschalk Late Night" from 1992 to 1995. It wasn't a popular show, especially compared with the host's other work, but it paved the way for other late-night fare. Plus, it launched the career of Heidi Klum, who was the winner of the Model '92 Competition featured on "Gottschalk Late Night."

Gottschalk was hugely popular on European TV thanks to a show called "Wetten, dass?" ("Wanna bet?"), which he hosted from 1987 until his retirement in 2011. It aired seven times a year and was seen in all of the German-speaking countries, making it a major European phenomenon. It consistently drew high ratings.

His star status in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland prompted Gottschalk to move his family to southern California in 1987. There, he enjoyed a level of anonymity impossible in his homeland -- and it's likely that's where he crossed paths with Rod Taylor.




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