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Hell on Frisco Bay (1955)

Rod is credited as Rodney Taylor and plays Brody Evans, a tough-guy underling of a ruthless San Francisco waterfront gang boss, Victor Amato (Edward G. Robinson).

Alan Ladd stars as ex-cop Steve Rollins, who is released from San Quentin after five years and sets out on revenge against the men who framed him for manslaughter.

In the course of exposing Amato's crime syndicate, Rollins meets up with Brody Evans, one of Amato's henchmen. Rollins and Evans engage in a quick fistfight and Evans is dragged off to the police station.

This movie also has been called "The Darkest Hour," based on a novel of that name by William P. McGivern.

In addition to McGivern, a screenplay credit goes to Martin Rackin, who was a big a booster of Taylor's Hollywood career, beginning Down Under with "Long John Silver."

Rackin wrote the part of Brody Evans with Rod in mind.

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