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The Hell With Heroes (1968)

Rod Taylor plays Brynie MacKay, a former World War II hero turned cynical pilot-of-fortune.

Brynie and his partner, Mike Brewer (Peter Deuel), are former ace flyboys adventuring in an Africa that's in its last throes of anti-colonialist turmoil. The idealistic Mike and the cynical Brynie live an uncomplicated life, running an air-freight company in North Africa. They spend long days on the beach, and enjoy nightclubbing and belly dancers by night

Trouble starts after they accept an ill-advised job to transport goods for black-marketeer Lee Harris (Harry Guardino).

After being framed by Harris for transporting drugs, Brynie's plane is impounded. He cuts a deal with Harris to get the plane back, but it involves flying more crooked missions. On one of the missions, Harris kills Mike, bringing violence and emotion to a head.

Amid the danger, Brynie begins an affair with Elana (Claudia Cardinale) -- the bad guy's mistress. The bond between Brynie and Elana goes well beyond their physical attraction -- even though there's plenty of that.

Brynie and Elena are both damaged souls, courtesy of the war. The scenes between Cardinale and Taylor are beautifully crafted and well-acted, conveying the complicated nature of their relationship.


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