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The High Commissioner
aka Nobody Runs Forever (1968)

Rod Taylor plays Scobie Malone, an Australian detective who is sent to London to arrest the Australian high commissioner for the murder of his first wife 25 years before.

But when Malone gets to London, the high commissioner, Sir James Quentin, (Christopher Plummer) calmly asks Malone if he could wait until he completes his work in negotiating some delicate peace talks.

Malone agrees, and Quentin even invites Malone to stay at his home. Malone becomes reluctantly involved as a bodyguard, and he saves Quentin from a couple of assassination attempts. He also grows convinced that the commissioner is not guilty of the murder.

A trio of beautiful women provide added mystery: Quentin's secretary (Camilla Sparv), his second wife, Sheila (Lilli Palmer) and the exotic Madame Cholon (Daliah Lavi).

Variety magazine described the movie as...

A melodrama with political undertones which has tension and intrigue yet doesn't lose sight of its main purpose, to examine the relationship of two decent men in a rough situation. Storyline, based on Jon Cleary's novel "The High Commissioner," is workmanlike....

As the cop, Taylor gives a thoroughly likeable and credible performance as a man clinging to his duty.

The movie was titled "Nobody Runs Forever" in Britain; it's known as "The High Commissioner" in the United States. Taylor's own Rodlor Inc. was one of the production companies.




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