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John Newcombe's
Australian Stars in the States

November 1980

Rod Taylor was one of the stars featured on this TV special hosted by Australian tennis champion John Newcombe.

Newcombe was winding down his stellar playing career and was newly under contract to Sydney's Channel 10, which produced and broadcast this program.

A reviewer in the Melbourne newspaper The Age called it an "undemanding hour-long programme" that looks at famous expatriate Australians living in Hollywood.

Newcombe led off the show with a visit to Rod Taylor's house in Beverly Hills. At age 50, Rod admitted to "living here more than I've lived in Australia." But Rod and Newk played billiards and joked over "a few dinki-di beers," one reviewer wrote.

Rod pointed out that he lives among other Hollywood notables, gesturing toward neighboring homes belonging to the likes of Rock Hudson, Bette Midler, Charlton Heston and Tina Sinatra.

Other stars featured on the show were singers Andy Gibb, Helen Reddy and Lana Cantrell; actress Trisha Noble, screenwriter Colin Higgins; songwriter/entertainer Peter Allen; and songwriter John Farrer and his wife, singer Pat Carroll.

The Age reviewer Barbara Hooks, who admits to being cynical, wrote: "Newcombe takes a lighthearted approach to his interviews. ... This program scratches our itching curiosity about wealthy lifestyle in a reasonably painless fashion. It will appeal to a wide audience."






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