Rod Taylor: Multimedia








Here are some Rod Taylor-related sound files and video clips. The formats of these vary, but most will play on either Real Audio, Quick Time or Windows Media Player. Good luck and enjoy! More to come.


Young Cassidy
Rod sings to Maggie Smith (.wmv)

Welcome to Woop Woop
A scene that's "off the map"! (.ram)

Ann-Margaret special
Behind the scenes of The Train Robbers



Rod as Tarzan on the radio (.mp3)

Bearcats theme (.mp3)

Hong Kong theme (.wma)
Glenn Evans theme (.wma)

Rod narrates "Hard Rock Lovers" (.wma files)
Clip 1: Rod describes "Shane" rising from the dead.
Clip 2: A real death or a fake death?
Clip 3: Stuck at the La Brea Tar Pits.

From "A Gathering of Eagles"
Rod sings The SAC Song (.mp3)