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Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy (1998)

Rod Taylor plays Gen. Lars Sorenson in this TV movie, originally titled "The Osiris Chronicles." The show was shot in 1996 as a pilot for CBS.

Here's a summary from a Starlog magazine article from April 1996:

"I'm playing the stalwart old war hero, the general, Lars Sorenson," Taylor said. "He's a tough old bird who was one of the leaders of the Old Republic that stood for goodness and niceness. Since then, the galaxy has become a shithouse full of nasty rapists and whatnot. He has hidden this magnificent flagship of his former fleet, and wants young Justin (John Corbett) to take over from him. Justin's going to bring back the Republic, and I'm going along for the ride."

Director Joe Dante had originally envisioned Christopher Lee for Sorenson, but Lee was unable to commit himself to an American TV series, so Dante turned to Taylor. ... "I'm happy to say that in this case, Rod was always my choice after Christopher. Casting him changed the role slightly, but Sorenson actually became a little warmer, and I think he's great," Dante said.

Taylor returns the thought about Dante. "Not only does he run a beautiful ship in terms of the crew and everything, but he knows his camera; he knows what's going on; he's dedicated. He's also one of the nicest men I've ever worked with. And he's a movie nut! He remembers everything I ever did."

"Another delight," says the outgoing Rod Taylor, "is [novelist] Caleb Carr. When I was offered this thing, I thought, 'Well, science fiction...' Then, I read the script and Caleb's bible, and I thought, 'This is some deep, heavy, wonderfully intellectual stuff!' I became even more fascinated when I met Caleb. We got along like a couple of brothers. CBS would be nuts if they didn't take 'The Osiris Chronicles' to series."

Alas, CBS never aired the pilot. UPN bought the pilot and aired it in 1998 as "Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy."




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Released on VHS as "The Osiris Chronicles" in 2001 by Paramount Pictures.