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Palomino (1991)

Rod Taylor plays Bill King, a ranch foreman, in a ratings-grabbing TV movie based on a 1981 novel by Danielle Steel.

"Palomino" (along with another Danielle Steel offering, "Daddy") was aired by NBC as counter-programming during the World Series.

A reviewer opined at the time: "The films themselves aren't going to start any Emmy talk, but none of the participants need be ashamed of working on them. 'Palomino' and 'Daddy' are well-crafted romantic dramas that ought to please their intended audience, even while they aggravate the critics."

Bill King is the foreman of a ranch that Sam (short for Samantha and played by Lindsay Frost) visits while trying to get over being dumped by her husband. The ranch is owned by Caroline, a widow with whom Bill is romantically involved. (Caroline is played by Eva Marie Saint, Rod's co-star from "36 Hours" and "Raintree County.")

Sam's a photographer, and she's shooting a feature about cowboys. One particularly photogenic cowboy is Tate (Lee Horsley). Tate particularly likes Sam's long blond hair, which Bill says, "reminds me of a Palomino."

Sam begins to imagine a life with Tate a lot like the passion-filled one Caroline has with Bill. But Tate cautions her: Bill hasn't married Caroline because it wouldn't look right for her to marry beneath her station.

Drama and tragedy ensue until the mandatory redemption in the final act. 


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