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Studio One In Hollywood

"Image of Fear"
Episode 10.47 (Sept. 29, 1958)

Rod Taylor played Anthony, a prince in exile. It's a quirky production, featuring a very hammy performance by Eugenie Leontovich as the exiled queen and Rod trying to affect an accent of unknown origin.

After 20 years in exile in the United States, a royal family (from an unnamed country) has hope that the monarchy will be able to return to power. But intrigue arises as someone tries to kill the queen. The prime suspect is her son, Prince Anthony, who was told that he must give up his wife (Nina Foch) if he returns to the throne. The story isn't very suspenseful, but Taylor has some nice scenes, unexpectedly switching from the image of a playboy to an idealistic prince who suddenly realizes how much he loves his wife.

"Studio One" was TV's longest-running drama anthology series (1948-58). By 1957, the series had moved from New York, was renamed "Studio One in Hollywood."

A syndicated TV column of the day, hailed this installment -- the final show for Studio One -- as "Best Bet" for viewers:

Over its 10 years, Studio One has given TV some of its highest hours, starting with the very first show, on Nov. 7, 1948, when Margaret Sullivan starred in "The Storm."

Tonight is the 479th and last, a brooding study of an exiled queen about to return to power. It's called "Image of Fear," and producer Peter Kortner dragged Eugenie Leontovich out of the dramatic school she runs in Los Angeles to take this part.

Betty Furness, who, incidentally, appeared in the second TV Studio One, will again be in charge of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and electric potato peelers.





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