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Studio 57

"Studio 57" aired on the DuMont Television Network from Sept. 21, 1954, to September 6, 1955, making it one of the last regularly scheduled series ever carried on the long-defunct DuMont network.

This half-hour anthology series was also known as "Heinz Studio 57" and "Heinz 57 Playhouse."

DuMont did not have the big budgets of other networks and relied on using then-unknown actors. Rod Taylor appeared in three of the "Studio 57" installments:

"The Black Sheep's Daughter"
Episode 1.32 (April 26, 1955)

Rodney Taylor played Tommy Scarbrough in this episode. The cast also featured Philip Ober, Carolyn Jones, Marcia Patrick, Frances Mercer and Tom Dugan.

Synopsis from The daughter of an American rogue tries to hide her past from her future stiff English in-laws.

"The Last Day on Earth"
Episode 1.34 (May 10, 1955)

Rod Taylor played Dr. Don Dolby. Walter Coy had the lead role as Dr. Robert Carlyle, a research scientist experimenting with a new wonder drug. He inadvertently injects himself with a serum that has proved fatal on animals. With one day to live, he decides to devote his remaining hours to his previously neglected family. Jean Byron played his wife, Mary Carlyle.

"Killer Whale"
Episode 1.38 (June 7, 1955)

Synopsis from The crew of a whaling boat think a woman onboard is bad luck especially when a wave of mishaps hits their vessel.

Rod Taylor plays a New Englander. Other cast: Jean Howell, Claude Akins, Roy Roberts.






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