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"The Story of Marjorie Reardon"
Episode 1.5 (Oct. 28, 1957)

Rod Taylor plays Jim Dieterly, the patient suitor of Majorie Reardon, played by Margaret O'Brien.

Rod delivers a rich, warm performance in this hour-long drama set in the early 20th century. "The Story of Marjorie Reardon" is one episode in the thriller/suspense anthology series "Suspicion" on NBC.

As a teenager, Marjorie Reardon is attacked by a psychopath (Henry Silva). The experience leaves her in shame and with a fear of men. She feels unclean, even rejected by her school sweetheart (a young Michael Landon in a small role).

She leaves home to live on her own, and the story picks up four years later. Marjorie has moved several times, and is still skittish around men. But then, sweet, strong, understanding Jim (Rod Taylor) comes along.








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