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Time Machine: The Journey Back (1993)

Rod Taylor hosts this documentary about the making of "The Time Machine" and the rebuilding of the time machine prop from the movie.

"Journey Back" is included in the DVD release of "The Time Machine" and details the creativity behind the movie's Oscar-winning special effects. The documentary also includes a brief sequel written by the same screenwriter as the 1960 original -- David Duncan.

The sequel scene features Rod Taylor and Alan Young reprising their roles as George and David, reuniting years after the evening of Jan. 5, 1900, when the Time Traveler "disappeared forever."

Don Coleman, Webmaster of The Time Machine Project, shared these recollections from his association with "Journey Back":

In preparation for the narration part of the documentary, Rod kept pretty much to himself between filming. He spent most of his time reading over the script. ...

The scenes with Alan Young were impeccable. The first run-through left everyone speechless. They did the whole scene, from where Filby sees George until Filby leaves -- start to finish -- without fault. Their performance was so moving it took several minutes for everyone to compose themselves.

Coleman later interviewed Alan Young, who had this to say of the sequel scene:

It was so good working with Rod again. I think we felt the camaraderie there and it was a very touching, very touching little scene.

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