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"A Time to Die" (1982)

Rod Taylor plays Jack Bailey, an agent in the U.S. Office of Strategic Services.

The movie, filmed in 1979 but released in 1982, is also known as "Seven Graves for Rogan" and is based on a Mario Puzo story.

A former member of the French Underground, Michael Rogan (Edward Albert Jr.), goes looking for the six people who tortured him and killed his wife and his family.

Bailey seems to alternate between assisting and thwarting Rogan in his efforts.

The movie also featured Rex Harrison, who Taylor once said gave him the funniest advice of his acting career:

I was complaining about this terrible movie...with this awful director. Rex said, 'Oh, Rod, do shut up. We have a beautiful suite, it's a lovely hotel, we're getting paid an enormous amount of money. Do shut up.'

-- Sydney Sun Herald, August 1998






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