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Walker, Texas Ranger

Episode 5.6 (Oct. 26, 1996)

Rod Taylor plays Gordon Cahill, the estranged, alcoholic father of Alex Cahill (series regular Sheree J. Wilson). Gordon has been hired to defend mobster Karl Mayes and will be going up against his daughter in court. But after Mayes eliminates one of the witnesses, Gordon drops Mayes, which puts him on the bad guy's hit list. Heroics, reconciliation and "redemption" ensue -- and Gordon enters rehab at the end of the episode.

"Texas v. Cahill"
Episode 5.25 (May 10, 1997)

Rod reprises his role as Gordon Cahill. This time, he defends his daughter, Alex, who wakes up one morning to find her former boyfriend beside her -- dead. Alex faces murder charges and while Gordon and Walker (Chuck Norris) try to clear her, they discover why someone would want to frame her.

As an attorney, Rod gets to perform courtroom dramatics, but I confess that he elicited a spontaneous cheer from me in a scene where he decks one of the bad guys.

"Wedding Bells" Parts 1 and 2
Episodes 8.24 -8.25 (May 20, 2000)

In the two-part season finale of the series' eighth season, Rod plays Gordon Cahill again. Daughter Alex is preparing to marry Walker, but professional killers keep getting in the way.

Alex is prosecuting a man named Carter, who hires someone to kill her. But when the killer climbs into Alex's apartment, he's found by Gordon -- and the killer attacks him. Never fear, Gordon "escapes" from the hospital in time to walk his daughter down the aisle.

More peril ensues for the newlyweds as they head to Paris on their honeymoon. Their plane is hijacked by those pesky killers, but Walker winds up landing the jumbo jet. 




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