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General Electric Theater

Rod Taylor appeared in two installments of this top-rated CBS dramatic anthology series.

"The Young Years"
Episode 6.12 (Dec. 22, 1957)

Rod played Sam Tipton in "The Young Years." The show was hosted and narrated by Ronald Reagan, and the cast included Margaret O'Brien as Sarah Trask. It was adapted from a story by Yiddish novelist, dramatist and essayist Sholem Asch. provides this synopsis:

19-year-old Sarah refuses to move into adulthood, preferring to lose herself in the children's books given to her by the father who abandoned her. Sam tries to coax her out of her out of her shell, knowing that equates love with rejection. The shock of her mother's death finally awakens her from her dream world.

It was a pivotal time for Margaret O'Brien, who had been an acclaimed child star. She said in an interview in 1957 that TV roles such as this one had "given me a chance to get out of the awkward age -- something the movies couldn't do for me. No movie producer could really afford to take a chance at handing me an adult role."

"Early to Die"
Episode 8.20 (Feb. 7, 1960)

Rod Taylor and Kim Hunter portrayed parents coping with the knowledge that their of an 8-year-old son is dying from leukemia. Donald Losby portrayed the boy, Scott Grauman.

The drama was based on a  Life magazine story about the City of Hope Hospital and tells of the unusual therapy offered for the children and parents alike.

Kim Hunter was an Oscar winner, having received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Stella Kowalski in 1951's "A Streetcar Named Desire."





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