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Mask of Murder (1985)

Rod Taylor plays Inspector McLane in this obscure slasher flick also known as "The Investigator."

Although set in a Canadian town, everything was filmed in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden (director Arne Mattson's hometown) during the winter.

Fairly early in the film, the cops corner a serial killer who's been slashing pretty girls. Chief Rich (Christopher Lee) wants the culprit taken alive, but when gunfire erupts, Inspector McLane blows the killer away.

That's just the beginning of the mystery, however, as the murders of young women begin again. With Chief Rich hospitalized with a bullet wound, McLane leads the investigation into who the copycat killer is. Adding to his stress is his cheating wife (Valerie Perrine), who is rendezvousing with a detective colleague of McLane's.

It's violent movie with a low-budget feel that's surprisingly satisfying, and the mystery kept me guessing till the end.

"The Christopher Lee Filmography," by Tom Johnson and Mark A. Miller, has a low opinion of the movie but high praise for Rod's performance:

This is a routine, depressing and predictable murder mystery that stays afloat because of the solid central performance of Rod Taylor ... Taylor constructs his character with so much conviction that [Inspector McLane's] aberrant behavior almost seems credible.








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