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Murder, She Wrote

"Another Killing in Cork"
Episode 11.20 (May 7, 1995)

Rod Taylor plays Tom Dempsey, the owner of an fishing lodge in Ireland.

While visiting the lodge, Jessica Fletcher (series star Angela Lansbury) learns that Dempsey is being pressured by a mining conglomerate. When a tourist is found at the bottom of a wishing well, Jessica fishes for a killer and helps Tom fight to stop the conglomerate from destroying the countryside.

According to "Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood," the casting of Rod in the role of the Irishman came about partly because Angela Lansbury remembered his performance in "Young Cassidy."

"Rod's work [in "Another Killing in Cork"] was so well received," author Stephen Vagg wrote, "he was asked back the following season to pay another Irishman in a different Irish story, the excellent 'Nan's Ghost.'"

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"Nan's Ghost" Parts 1 and 2
Episodes 12.6 and 12.7
Nov. 2 and Nov. 9, 1995

Rod Taylor plays Inspector Rory Lanahan in a two-part story set in an old Irish castle, where legend has it that there is a ghost and a hidden treasure. Of course, that's a perfect recipe for murder, and there are plenty of them in this episode. But the intrigue doesn't stop there. Inspector Lanahan -- allegedly on holiday -- really is in town to investigate a money laundering scheme. Plus, he's attempting to woo Eileen O'Bannon, the widow who runs the castle, played by Fionnula Flanagan.

In Part 1, Jessica arrives at the castle with Rory, and they immediately become embroiled in the mysterious circumstances involving the death of Nan, a shopkeeper's daughter who held clues to the hidden treasure.

Jessica's snooping, however, lands her in the castle's dungeon. Rory rescues her at the beginning of Part 2 and again at the end of Part 2 as she confronts the culprit in Nan's -- and many other -- murders.

"Nan's Ghost" earns a spot among the dozen or so "must-see" episodes listed by The Definitive Guide to "Murder, She Wrote" Web site. That's high praise considering there were 264 episodes of this long-running mystery series. The site also notes that "Nan's Ghost" features the series' highest body count.



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