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The Treasure Seekers" (1979)

Rod Taylor plays Marian Casey and also helped write the screenplay. "I do a lot of rewriting, but this is the first one from scratch," Taylor said in 1975.

Filmed on location in the Caribbean in the early 1970s, the movie underwent several title and distributor changes before it was released in 1979 as "The Treasure Seekers." Alternate titles include "Contraband," "Forty Million Bucks," "Jamaican Gold" and "On a Dead Man's Chest."

The plot involves two old college friends -- Marian Casey and Stack Baker (Stuart Whitman) meeting by chance after many years. A search for long-lost pirate treasure ensues. The friends are almost sunk by double-dealing treasure seeker Reginald Landers (Jeremy Kemp), who traps them in an underwater cave.

Taylor described the plot development:

I got the idea from a newspaper. I read about divers finding a sunken city with $6 million worth of bullion. This is the story of their efforts to get it up and their fights to keep it.

-- TV Week (Australia), Nov. 1, 1975

Taylor and Whitman seem to be having fun, but their (aging) he-man antics and bravado can't overcome the movie's low production values and really bad wardrobe.

Elke Sommer provides further scenery. Keenan Wynn plays the gruff old veteran who is dispatched quickly, brutally but without much of an emotional ripple.







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