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The Virgin Queen (1955)

Rod Taylor has an uncredited bit part as Corporal Gwylim in this film featuring Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth I and Richard Todd as Sir Walter Raleigh.

Taylor has about two minutes of screen time in this -- his first role in a Hollywood feature film -- as he delivers a message to Raleigh in an almost incomprehensible brogue. That's Rod in helmet and breastplate, at right. (See and hear him in this video clip.)

According to "Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood," director Henry Koster sought someone who could speak in a Welsh accent for a small role of a corporal who could deliver a message to Sir Walter Raleigh. Author Stephen Vagg writes: "Although the performance was not particularly distinguished (he lays on the Welsh accent with a trowel), it had energy and the project was a prestigious one: Rod had his start."

A few years after "The Virgin Queen," Taylor would star in a far more adventurous and swashbuckling film set in the Elizabethan era, "Seven Seas to Calais."




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